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HUM 390 Special Topics in Humanities

Every semester it is offered, this course selects a different constellation of authors/artists, topic, genre, period, or issues and explores it/them through the study of texts and artistic works in the humanities. The course provides an opportunity for upper division students from across the university to explore authors and topics of particular interest to them, or to supplement earlier, survey-level work with more detailed and more advanced study of particular subjects. Outcomes from each iteration of the course include familiarity with course texts, understanding of key concepts and issues in the topic under consideration, and development of intermediate-level skills at the analysis and interpretation of literature.

Special information

Prerequisites: Students must have completed an introductory writing course and completed 30 credits of college-level work.
1-5 Undergraduate credits

Effective May 9, 2013 to present

Learning outcomes


  • Familiarity with subject matter of course texts;
  • Familiarity with key texts/concepts in the topic of the semester;
  • Understanding of common connections and interrelationships among course texts;
  • Development of intermediate-level skills at analysis and interpretation of visual, auditory, and textual artifiacts;
  • Ability to link course texts to current (or past) aesthetic, intellectual, or social/cultural issues;
  • Understanding of multicultural, class, and gender issues in the study of the humanities;
  • Polish research and writing skills, including knowledge of documentation.