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ICS 668 Cloud Forensics

In this course, students will examine the scope of cloud computing and forensics as a multi-disciplinary field, including its foundations, methodologies, standards, procedures, applications, and then conduct an in-depth study and research in its challenges, impacts, and future trends through weekly exercises and discussions, extensive reading and writing, comparative analysis and research, and case studies and critiques. Competence Statement: Students in this course will study and comprehend the foundations, principles, theories, techniques and practice of this cutting edge field well enough to be able to define the scope of the field, outline the new procedures, familiar with the advanced technology, and conduct preliminary research on a self-framed emerging problem in the field.

Special information

First day attendance is mandatory.Prerequisites: Graduate standing.
4 Graduate credits

Effective January 1, 2018 to present

Learning outcomes


  • Analyzes the principles, theories, and practice of cloud computing
  • Analyzes the principles, theories, and practice of cloud forensics
  • Analyzes the computer security and data integrity in cloud computing
  • Contrasts the techniques used in cloud computing
  • Critiques the techniques and procedures for conducting a computer forensic search in a cloud environment
  • Contrasts the common investigation models and management practice in a cloud computing environment
  • Contrasts computer forensics investigation models
  • Analyzes the scope of cloud forensics
  • Analyzes the future challenges and potential issues in cloud forensics and cloud computing
  • Develop a preliminary research on a self-selected topic in cloud forensics and security