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IDST 302T Self-Directed Learning Theory Seminar

This theory seminar is designed for adult students who have engaged in one or more self-directed projects and/or activities a year. Self-directed learning applies to broad areas of interest and includes, but is not limited to, experiences in travel, business, self-education, literacy, entertainment, the arts, environment, home improvement, gardening, parenting, activism, volunteerism, and the like. Students read and discuss leading adult learning theories covering a wide range of thinkers and their complex and relevant thoughts. Also, students who enroll in this theory seminar are encouraged to link their learning experience with the theories, concepts, approaches and paradigms being considered in the seminar.

Special information

Formerly: PRSP 302T. Note: Students must obtain and complete a diagnostic test from the instructor before registering.
4 Undergraduate credits

Effective August 16, 2021 to present

Learning outcomes


  • Identify self-directed learning experiences of personal significance.
  • Investigate and compare leading adult learning theories.
  • Apply theories, concepts, approaches and paradigms to personal experiential learning.

Fall 2024

Section Title Instructor books eservices
50 Self-Directed Learning Theory Seminar Anderson, Marcia Books for IDST-302T-50 Fall 2024 Course details for IDST-302T-50 Fall 2024