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INFS 518 Information Issues:

This course addresses issues of information access and cyberethics. These issues can include access vs. privacy or secrecy; security; the fair and unfair uses of intellectual property; free speech vs. civil rights; censorship; public policy; and the corporate bottom line, the question of who pays for what in the transmission of information and entertainment. Note: This course is about information issues and is not a technology skills building course. This is a 4 credit course and it is assumed that students are familiar with utilizing online databases for research.
4 Undergraduate credits

Effective August 17, 2004 to present

Learning outcomes


  • Students build on any previous technology skills (web, audio, video etc) that are relevant to class presentations and discussions.
  • Students conduct advanced (and graduate) level research on topics that are discussed in class and present this research to the class in oral presentations and online presentations.
  • Students explore how access to technology, use of technology and evolving technology influence education, corporate activity, government documents and public information.
  • Students read, research and explore information issues at an advanced level including but not limited to cyber-ethics, intellectual property, censorship, ownership of information and information literacy.