LIT 400

Reflective Capstone

1 Undergraduate credit
Effective August 18, 2019 – December 15, 2019

Graduation requirements this course fulfills

 This one-credit course allows students the opportunity to reflect upon their past content coursework in the BS in English for Teaching major. Having completed often  disparate courses in literatures, linguistics, writing and communications, students at the end of their degree program will identify and expand on foundational, integrated themes that have emerged. Attention will be paid to the future of the English for Teaching student, the link between coursework and potential teaching careers, and consideration for the practical and theoretical applications of this knowledge into the world beyond the university.    

Learning outcomes


  • Synthesize and draw upon previous major courses in order to support  advanced discussion of literacy practices related to English for teaching
  • Describe relationships between texts and assignments emerging from past courses in the major;
  • Describe relationships between texts and assignments emerging from past courses in the major;
  • Identify the relationship between past coursework and the history of underserved groups in the US, including communities of color.
  • Prepare presentations and discussions linking the students specialized training to commonly expressed goals of future employers in various corporate, educational, service, and non-profit contexts.