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MAPL 621 Advocacy, Organizing and Lobbying in the Nonprofit Sector

MAPL 621 is a concentration course in the Advocacy and Political Leadership (MAPL) track within the Master of Public and Nonprofit Administration Program. Nonprofits are essential players in providing all people a voice at all levels of American government. This class focuses on one level of that government, the state, and specifically will follow and engage in the work of the 2015 Minnesota State Legislative Session. Students are expected to learn how lobbying works through closely tracking specific issues and learning from the advocates and lawmakers involved in those issues. Besides following issues, students are expected to learn in class about the skills required for direct lobbying and for grassroots organizing and advocacy, about media relations on issues, and about the rules governing direct lobbying for nonprofits.
4 Graduate credits

Effective August 23, 2014 to present

Learning outcomes


  • Advocacy as a field
  • The role of nonprofits as well as unions in civic engagement
  • The skills required for direct lobbying
  • The skills required for grassroots organizing and grassroots advocacy
  • The skills required for public policy related media advocacy
  • Structures, roles, and processes key to the Minnesota legislative system
  • Structures, roles, and processes key to administrative advocacy
  • Specific issues in the legislative session
  • Resources in the field of public policy engagement