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MAPL 641 Advocacy in the Public Sector: Service in the Executive Branch

MAPL 641 is a concentration course in Master of Advocacy and Political Leadership (MAPL) Program. This is the second of two required segments of the MAPL concentration, Advocacy in the Public Sector, designed for use by students wishing to work in government. This class prepares students who have or will have careers in the executive branches of government, at the local, regional, state or national levels as elected officials, as political staff to these various elected officials, or as members of the bureaucracy. Students will become familiarized with how to find and use the best administrative practices as they related to personnel, resource and information management, with special emphasis on finding innovative solutions to management problems.
4 Graduate credits

Effective January 12, 2015 to present

Learning outcomes


  • Nearly a third of MAPL students work in the public sector. Thus this concentration was created with classes focusing on both the legislative and executive branches of government. This executive branch class will aim to prepare students for productive entry into jobs in the executive branch of government. Unlike other public admin courses, MAPL students pay attn to politics in their studies, the theory being that service in the administrative branches of government is always helped by an understanding of political activities, even though administrative persons don't choose political sides.