MAPL 664

Sustainable Development Policy and Advocacy

4 Graduate credits
Effective January 12, 2015 – Present

Graduation requirements this course fulfills

MAPL 664 is an elective course in the Master of Advocacy and Political Leadership (MAPL) Program. This class focuses on the politics of sustainable development specifically surrounding transit and transportation, housing, community planning, business development, and the environment. Students will develop working knowledge of the legislative and legal processes surrounding sustainable development policy making at the local/state/federal levels: how development decisions are made, when they're made, by whom they're made, and how the decision making process works. Students will develop organizing and advocacy strategies to influence that policy process.

Learning outcomes


  • Critical thought students will be able to identify and make judgments about sustainable development politics, policy processes, problems and priorities.
  • Lead and relate collaboratively - students will work collaboratively and build coalitions to address practical and theoretical challenges to sustainable development.
  • Skills for social action - students will communicate effectively to influence a policy campaign.