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MATH 450 Operations Research

The field of Operations Research studies the mathematical methods developed for solving problems in business, industry, and management science. Following a modeling approach, this course introduces selected topics such as linear programming, integer programming, game theory, Markov chains, and queuing theory.


Special information

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4 Undergraduate credits

Effective December 17, 2006 to present

Learning outcomes


  • Communicate mathematical modeling and problem-solving in writing with appropriate mathematical formalism, but also providing non-technical summaries of conclusions.
  • Demonstrate sophisticated understanding of stability analysis pertaining to linear optimization.
  • Develop appropriate mathematical models for problems arising in such areas as linear and nonlinear programming, game theory, networks, Markov chains, and queuing theory.
  • Successfully integrate and utilize concepts from calculus, probability, linear algebra, and differential equations at a sophisticated level to analyze current problems arising in business and management sciences.