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MATH 471 Abstract Algebra

By extending the familiar concepts of arithmetic, this course introduces abstract algebraic structures. Topics include an introduction to number theory; group theory, including the classification of all finite abelian groups; rings, integral domains, and fields.


Special information

Note: Students whose prerequisites are not identified by the system should contact the Math and Statistics department for an override at
4 Undergraduate credits

Effective August 1, 1998 to present

Meets graduation requirements for

Learning outcomes


  • Be able to read and understand mathematical proofs.
  • Be able to write well-structured and logically correct mathematical proofs.
  • Understand divisibility in the context of the integers and modular arithmetic.
  • Understand the basic properties of groups and rings.
  • Understand the role of functions in abstract algebra including the concepts of homomorphism and isomorphism.
  • Understand the structure of finite abelian groups.

Fall 2024

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01 Abstract Algebra Zhang, Yue Books for MATH-471-01 Fall 2024 Course details for MATH-471-01 Fall 2024