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MATH 625 Graph Theory

The course covers the theory of graphs, with an emphasis on careful proofs of all given statements. Topics include matchings, connectivity, planar graphs, graph colorings, Hamilton cycles and infinite graphs.


Special information

Prerequisites: Bachelor's degree in mathematics, mathematics education, statistics or related field. Note: Graduate admission status required. Students whose prerequisites are not identified by the system should contact the Math and Statistics Department for an override at Credit Credentialing Pathways
3 Graduate credits

Effective August 19, 2018 to present

Learning outcomes


  • State the definitions of central graph theoretical concepts;
  • Provide the statements of central graph theoretical theorems;
  • Supply examples and counterexamples for given statements about graphs;
  • Explain the steps of proofs in graph theory that they have read;
  • Prove simple statements about graphs;
  • Give clear presentations defending proofs or examples they have found themselves.