METR 100

Getting Credit for What You Know

1 Undergraduate credit
Effective February 2, 2000 – Present

Graduation requirements this course fulfills

This one-credit course is designed for students who wish to examine the various options for gaining credits for learning outside the formal college or university classroom. Options explored include using military experience toward a degree, taking standardized tests in areas of your learning, earning credit from approved courses offered by business and human service agencies, pursuing assessment of prior experiential learning, and learning about Metropolitan State theory seminars. These options may not duplicate credit that you have already on a college transcript. In the class, students do a self assessment of their skills and abilities, write an educational goals statement, and identify ways to earn credit from non-classroom learning that are consistent with individual goals. Within the class, students will assemble the necessary evidence to directly pursue these alternative options of earning credit.

Special information

Note: This course assists students in identifying areas of knowledge that may be evaluated as college-level learning, as well as preparing learning portfolios to build on previous non-college learning.

Learning outcomes


  • Understand the basic assumptions, theories and practices of Student-Directed Learning (SDL), and related learning theories, particularly as practiced at Metropolitan State University.
  • Understand assessment options for college-credit, including Prior Learning Assessment (PLA), Student-Designed Independent Study (SDIS), Theory Seminars and standardized testing and evaluation.
  • Be able to identify personal competencies based on learning from independent study, non-college training, and/or life, work and community experiences.
  • Be able to assess personal levels of competence and choose appropriate options for assessment and credit-evaluation.
  • Identify potential documentation and/or demonstration of learning.
  • Understand and apply the process of SDL/PLA proposal development and the evaluation pathway.