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METR 111 Applying What You Know in Internships. Application of Theory to Practice

This lower division course draws from METR110 and METR100 to prepare students for potential internship opportunities. Through internships, students may earn credits by applying theories to practice, attain experiential learning that can also be listed on their resume, and in some cases, develop relationships that enhance civic engagement and lead to employment.
1 Undergraduate credit

Effective May 3, 2021 to present

Learning outcomes


  • Explain the basic assumptions, theories and practices of internships and the role they play in a student¿s college education.
  • Describe expectations and competencies required for internships.
  • Identify values, interests, and skills to determine preliminary internship and career and/or civic engagement goals.
  • Research internship opportunities from a wide range of available organizations and occupations.
  • Create an action plan to identify, select, and obtain an internship.