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MGMT 7000 Business Architect Certificate Program

The Business Architect Certificate Program (BACP) is designed to enhance the understanding and skills of business professionals who are in roles utilizing the framework and methodology of business architecture to improve enterprise-level and business-unit performance. The curriculum was developed by a team of expert practitioners affiliated with the Twin Cities Business Architecture Forum, to address the primary goal of improving each participant's capacity to articulate and achieve the benefits possible from the effective application of principles and techniques within a specific context. Learners who successfully complete the program receive a Business Architect Certificate from Metropolitan State University. BACP is a comprehensive approach to the discipline of business architecture structured around four modules that cover the key concepts and competencies needed for effective advocacy and deployment within an organization. The program is typically taught by four different instructors, each with a different perspective and background that contributes to a broader understanding of the discipline. In addition, the highly interactive nature of the program draws upon the experience of participants from a variety of industries and business environments, further enriching your learning experience and expanding your professional network. The modules include: Introduction: Overview, skills, concepts, models, applications, roadmaps ~ Identifying the Current State ~ Defining the Future State ~ Launching Business Architecture/Being a Business Architect.
Graduate credit

Effective January 14, 2013 to present