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MIS 456 Supply Chain Information Systems

This course examines the role of information systems applications involved in supporting supply chain and logistics operations. Topics covered include electronic purchasing/RFQ, Warehouse management systems, Warehouse Technology, Bar coding / RFID, mobile solutions for distribution and field force automation, MRP/ERP, Enterprise Asset Management and the Internet of Things, Transportation systems. Special emphasis is placed on building analytical skills for the detailed assessment of vendor software solutions in the supply chain arena.


Special information

Recommended: Completion of all MIS Tier One courses (MIS 320, 328, 335 and 467) before taking this course.
4 Undergraduate credits

Effective January 9, 2006 to present

Learning outcomes


  • Can articulate the role of IT solutions in addressing key challenges of Supply Chain Management.
  • Can demonstrate the ability to function as a technology analyst or junior technology consultant on a logistics project.
  • Can identify the kinds of information systems applications used to support business logistics, as well as the functional domains of the organizational process that each kind of application supports.
  • Can apply Inventory Management & Supply Chain processes as manifest in to enterprise logistics.

Fall 2023

Section Title Instructor books eservices
50 Supply Chain Information Systems Bahn, David L Books for MIS-456-50 Fall 2023 Course details for MIS-456-50 Fall 2023