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MIS 655 Biomedical Informatics

Central to the effective and efficient delivery of health services is the attainment, use, and sharing of health-related information. The complex US healthcare system is increasingly dependent on information technology to, a) support the delivery of healthcare services, b) track health status and health outcomes for public health, and c) facilitate biomedical research. Biomedical informatics is the scientific field that addresses the storage, retrieval, and processing of biological, clinical and financial data for use in healthcare-related problem solving and decision making. Biomedical informatics serves any individuals involved in the delivery or research of health care services and population health. Biomedical informatics intersects the fields of computer science, decision science, information science, cognitive science, and the human-computer interaction in the practice of biological research, biomedical science, medicine, and healthcare.
4 Graduate credits

Effective May 9, 2011 to present

Spring 2023

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50 Biomedical Informatics Booker, Queen E Books for MIS-655-50 Spring 2023 Course details for MIS-655-50 Spring 2023