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MIS 657 Database and Client/Server Systems

Databases represent not only data storage, but critical organizational assets. MIS professionals must not only understand the basics of database management and relational design, but must also know how to leverage these assets for competitive advantage. This course covers database design and implementation and creation of information and standards. Client/Server technology represents an important part of modern database applications. It allows the firm to implement database applications as efficiently as possible in networked environments. Competence in the application, development, evaluation, management and use of corporate and external databases, including client/server technologies are skills needed by all business people. More importantly it is critical to MIS professionals given the vast array of options and new tools available. Topics in distributed database management including transaction management, concurrency control, deadlocks, replicated database management, query processing reliability, and surveys of commercial systems and research prototypes will be reviewed.
2 Graduate credits

Effective August 24, 2002 to present

Learning outcomes

Spring 2023

Section Title Instructor
50 Database and Client/Server Systems Jin, Simon Books Course details