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MIS 682 Analysis of Strategic and Tactical Security IT Planning

This course is designed to provide students and practitioners a framework to build and implement an IT security strategy that is aligned with their business needs. A key element of Security is developing and implementing these strategies. In the course, you will learn about: 1. Advanced concepts and principles of strategic planning for IT Security. 2. Applications of risk principles, security policies to improve operational integrity are learning outcomes for this course. 3. Roles and responsibilities of technical and non-technical participants in Enterprise systems development and utilization. 4. Applications of information technology in business organizations and managerial decision making, and associated ethical and societal implications. 5. Emerging technologies and the risks they pose to organizations.
4 Graduate credits

Effective December 18, 2008 to present

Summer 2023

Section Title Instructor books eservices
21 Analysis of Strategic and Tactical Security IT Planning Booker, Queen E Books for MIS-682-21 Summer 2023 Course details for MIS-682-21 Summer 2023