MPNA 690

Public Ethics and the Common Good

2 Graduate credits
Effective August 21, 2010 – Present

Graduation requirements this course fulfills

Public Ethics and the Common Good brings together into one course the four essential elements of ethical organizational management: development of a code of ethics and standards of professional conduct, instituting systematic training and enforcement on ethical expectations, ethical leadership to incorporate these expectations into the lived culture of the organization, and commitment to corporate responsibility for the common good that meets the demands of procedural and distributive justice.

Learning outcomes


  • Understand the distinction between personal morality and public ethics and demonstrate an ability to employ these distinctions meaningfully in organizational and public service and leadership;
  • Understand the public purpose and duties of professions and their incorporation into a code of conduct that upholds professional conduct;
  • Be able to address public issues in accord with the demands of public reason and human intuition;
  • Analyze and evaluate public issues for the benefit of the common good in terms of public, procedural, and distributive justice; and
  • Analyze an issue of public justice and then be able to create and design a process for public deliberation that meets the demands of public reason.