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NURS 325 Health Assessment

This course focuses on the development of introductory holistic assessment skills, therapeutic communication strategies, and the identification of normal health patterns and functions for adults. Competence Statement: Knows the skills and techniques of history taking, data collection, and holistic assessment well enough to perform and record a comprehensive health history and client assessment for an adult.
2 Undergraduate credits

Effective August 16, 2017 to present

Learning outcomes


  • Discuss the importance of unconditional acceptance when eliciting a health history and performing a physical examination.
  • Employ critical thinking strategies to develop nursing diagnoses based on health assessment data and analysis that includes concepts and theories of growth and development, unconditional acceptance, holism, systems and adaptation.
  • Identify client indicators of health related to developmental, environmental, sociocultural, sexual, and family influences.
  • Identify normal patterns of growth and development based on accepted norms and standards.
  • Identify client indicators of health related to developmental stage, environmental and sociocultural factors, family, and personal identity.