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NURS 462 Holistic Nursing Care of the Adult II

This course focuses on holistic nursing care of adults throughout the health/illness continuum with complex health concerns. Students will utilize principles of evidence based practice, theory, and holism during the assessment, planning, implementation, and evaluation of case based nursing care. Emphasis will be placed on management of alterations of health and wellness in diverse persons and complex populations. Competence Statement: Knows nursing concepts well enough to provide holistic nursing care to adults with complex health concerns.
2 Undergraduate credits

Effective May 5, 2015 to present

Learning outcomes


  • Apply Modeling/Role Modeling theory to cases with complex alterations in health.
  • Apply integrative principles and evidence to plan nursing care for clients with complex healthcare needs.
  • Relate the underlying pathophysiology to the clinical presentation for patients experiencing complex health alterations.

Summer 2023

Section Title Instructor
01 Holistic Nursing Care of the Adult II Johnson, Robin A Books Course details