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NURS 643P Complex Illness Clinical Practicum

This clinical practicum focuses on the management of complex, multi-system illness of adults and older adults. Seminars focus on the advancement of differential diagnostic and critical thinking skills through case study examination, documentation review, and seminar discussion. Students integrate knowledge of family, culture, holism, community, and caring as they plan holistic care for clients in clinical settings. Health promotion needs appropriate to the client's complex needs are addressed. Students will consult with the instructor to determine how many credits for which to register. One credit is equivalent to a minimum of 100 clinical hours.


2 Graduate credits

Effective May 3, 2010 to present

Learning outcomes


  • Demonstrate proficiency in performing a comprehensive and problem oriented history and physical exam for adults and older adults with complex, multi-system illnesses in the clinical setting.
  • Identify signs and symptoms of acute and chronic complex physical and mental illnesses in adults and older adults.
  • Order, perform, and interpret age-, gender-, and condition-specific diagnostic tests and screening procedures for adults and older adults with multi-system, complex illnesses.
  • Analyze and synthesize collected data with specific focus on the effects of illness on multiple body systems for adults and older adults.
  • Formulate a holistic plan of care that integrates theories of family, culture, health, caring, and community for adult and older adult clients with complex, multi-system illnesses.
  • Integrate advanced practice nursing roles in the care of adults and older adults with complex, multi-system illnesses.
  • Demonstrate ability to act as the case manager of adult and older adults with complex, multi-system illnesses requiring multiple specialist interventions.