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NURS 656 Population Health

Course Description: This course focuses on the role of the professional nurse in working with diverse individuals and populations for health promotion and disease and injury prevention. Emphasis is placed on advocacy and social justice in working with marginalized and vulnerable populations for health equity. Population health tenets incorporate a public health nursing model of care that is holistic to identify social determinants of health, risk/protective factors, and in response uses culturally congruent evidence-based guidelines which contribute to improved health outcomes. Students explore the role of the public health nurse in emergency preparedness and crisis response. Competence Statement: Applies the public health nursing process at three levels of practice; individual/family, community, and systems to protect and promote the health of populations using a holistic, ethical, and interprofessional approach for reducing health disparities and capitalizing on asset/strengths within communities.

Special information

Co-requisite: NURS 656P.
3 Graduate credits

Effective December 11, 2023 to present

Learning outcomes


  • Explore the origins and scope of population health that incorporates the public health nursing process for health promotion and disease prevention in working with diverse populations.
  • Utilize basic principles of epidemiology to identify and track disease and health trends, corresponding risk and protective factors, with the goal of removing barriers to quality services and care that promotes health.
  • Engage in advocacy for social justice to reduce health disparities among vulnerable and marginalized populations.
  • Build trusting, caring, therapeutic relationships with community partners, stakeholders, civic leaders, and citizens to advance health promotion and disease prevention that is inclusive and equitable.
  • Create an evidence based plan for a disease, behavioral, or weather related public health emergency situation for timely response and recovery.

Spring 2024

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01 Population Health Behr, Lisa Eardley, Debra L Books for NURS-656-01 Spring 2024 Course details for NURS-656-01 Spring 2024