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NURS 667 Advanced Health Assessment for Nurse Anesthesia

This course focuses on the development of advanced practice nursing skills in health assessment; including assessment of all human systems, advanced assessment techniques, diagnosis, concepts, and approaches from an anesthetic perspective Competence Statement: Knows the principles of advanced health assessment from an anesthetic perspective.

Special information

Restrictions: Admission into the Minneapolis School of Anesthesia program.
1 Graduate credit

Effective January 14, 2019 to present

Learning outcomes


  • Assess the relationship between the health assessment and diagnostic data to formulate problem lists and differential diagnoses.
  • Perform and document a focused history and physical exam.
  • Assess patients with clinical manifestations of altered mental health.
  • Propose culturally sensitive plans of care utilizing evidence-based practice specific to the physiologic and pathophysiological alterations in health status.
  • Formulate and conduct a general assessment survey.
  • Assess the head, neck, thorax, lungs, and accompanying systems.
  • Assess the cardiovascular and nervous systems.