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NURS 683 Foundations in Program Evaluation for Nursing Education

This course introduces concepts and principles of program assessment and evaluation and applies them to nursing education settings. Students also examine current research in program assessment and evaluation in order to create, implement and critique program evaluation methods and plans. Students also consider how the mission and program evaluation activities of the parent institution influence nursing education program goals, evaluation, policies, and procedures.


3 Graduate credits

Effective August 21, 2010 to present

Learning outcomes


  • Analyze results of program evaluation in order to recommend curricular maintenance or change.
  • Create assessment instruments for the evaluation of education outcomes, utilizing current research in assessment and evaluation practices.
  • Critique program evaluation plans.
  • Evaluate educational goal attainment through community and clinical partnerships.
  • Explain the relationship between goals of a nursing program and the mission of the parent institution regarding the establishment, maintenance, or revision of program outcomes, policies, and procedures.
  • Implement program evaluation models.
  • Participate in institutional or department committees, giving particular attention to nursing program standards regarding admission, progression, and graduation.