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NURS 690P Capstone Practicum

This precepted clinical capstone course focuses on coordination and provision of holistic nursing care for one or more clients. It is designed to provide students with an intensive practice immersion to facilitate transition to the role of the professional nurse. Students are precepted by an experienced nurse with on-going guidance from faculty. Students demonstrate leadership skills through collaboration and development of an evidenced-based clinically-based project. Competence Statement: Knows concepts well enough to demonstrate holistic evidence-based nursing care for complex or multiple clients across the lifespan.

Special information

Note: Prior to taking this course, you must have successfully completed the following: NURS 462, NURS 623, NURS 656, NURS 656P. Co-requisite: NURS 696.
5 Graduate credits

Effective August 14, 2016 to present

Learning outcomes


  • Adhere to the standards of professional nursing practice.
  • Prioritize care within and/or between client(s) in a clinical setting
  • Demonstrate effective delegation in a clinical setting.
  • Utilize relevant information systems and technology to improve healthcare outcomes
  • Apply an evidence-based approach to plan, implement and evaluate holistic care.
  • Collaborate with the interprofessional team to provide evidence-based holistic care for clients, families and /or communities.
  • Implement theory(ies) in the provision of holistic nursing care.
  • Demonstrate leadership skills to enhance quality nursing care and improve health outcomes.

Fall 2024

Section Title Instructor books eservices
01 Capstone Practicum Johnson, Robin A Morrison, Leslie Faith Books for NURS-690P-01 Fall 2024 Course details for NURS-690P-01 Fall 2024