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NURS 703 Research Methodology and Advanced Evidence-Based Practice

This course focuses on the EBP process, synthesis of evidence while integrating patient concerns, clinical expertise, and judgement into clinical decisions, critically appraising evidence appropriate to clinical management of patient conditions and issues. Emphasis is placed on the application of analytic methods to critically appraise scientific literature in the delivery of evidence-based nursing practice. Competence Statement: Knows research methodology and evidence-based practice principles well enough to formulate an evidence-based practice plan specific to the patient diagnosis and management.


4 Graduate credits

Effective August 19, 2019 to present

Learning outcomes


  • Evaluate the appropriateness of data analytical techniques for the type of data, study design, and purpose.
  • Apply advanced evidence-based practices, knowledge translation, and evidence utilization
  • Frame clinical problems and create interventions or innovations that are culturally sensitive based on evidence, collaborative models, and translational science
  • Critically evaluate evidence adoption, dissemination, implementation, utilization, and outcomes within the context of an advanced practice clinical setting.

Fall 2022

Section Title Instructor
01 Research Methodology and Advanced Evidence-Based Practice Nkemnji-Enohnyaket, Miriam Books Course details
02 Research Methodology and Advanced Evidence-Based Practice Staff, Staff Books Course details