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PRSP 310 Interdisciplinary Conversations

This course provides students an opportunity to actively develop skills in interdisciplinary scholarly thinking and communication with the help of a faculty director. A student-driven seminar format helps students deepen academic habits of inquiry, critical and creative problem solving; and allows continued reflection on the value of academic learning. Students bring to the table discussion topics from their individualized studies. Together, students and faculty explore subjects of mutual interest and learn from each other. Students connect isolated learning experiences to develop a holistic understanding that enriches the learning outcomes of their individualized educations.


2 Undergraduate credits

Effective May 7, 2012 to present

Learning outcomes


  • Describe interdisciplinary connections between courses (or other learning activities).
  • Integrate ideas across texts in different disciplines or subject areas.
  • Explain scholarly ideas and critical thinking in clear and accessible language.
  • Evaluate how college learning can benefit life and community outside of higher education.
  • Identify opportunities for lifelong learning or intellectual development after college.
  • Reflect on their ongoing development as an education person.