PSYC 106

Stress Management and Wellness

4 Undergraduate credits
Effective December 14, 2010 – Present

Graduation requirements this course fulfills

This class focuses on theories of stress management and practical tools for reducing stress. The objectives include helping each student identify personal stressors; becoming familiar with the theories of stress management; applying cognitive and behavioral stress reduction techniques, including progressive relaxation, visual imagery, assertiveness, time management and thought stoppage; and developing a personalized stress-reduction plan. Students are evaluated in part on the basis of their complete individualized stress-reduction plan.

Learning outcomes


  • Able to demonstrate an understanding of the bodily systems affected by stress and the skills, techniques, treatments, and practices for preventing and reducing the negative impact of stress.
  • Can demonstrate an awareness of multicultural factors that can affect human stress levels and the strategies for coping.
  • Knows how to assist others in development of a plan for managing stress and enhancing wellness.
  • Understands the mechanisms underlying stress reduction techniques.
  • Understands the theories and principals of stress management and demonstrates application of them to their own life.
  • Understands the theories, concepts, techniques and tools of wellness and can apply them to their own life.

Fall 2020

Section Title Instructor
50 Stress Management and Wellness Vargas-Essex, Julio O Books Course details

Spring 2021

Section Title Instructor
50 Stress Management and Wellness Compton, Sherri R Books Course details