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PSYC 200 Fundamentals of Psychological Science

This course is designed to help students understand and be able to apply ethical principles and the fundamental components of the scientific method. Students will be introduced to statistical theories and operations, and the basics of reading and writing in APA style as they relate to the study of psychological science. Students will learn to think critically about scientific research and the process of using the scientific method to quantify, measure, and make predictions about human behavior.
2 Undergraduate credits

Effective August 17, 2014 to present

Learning outcomes


  • Knowledge of the scientific method and how it applies to studying human behavior, the components of APA style, and basics of reading and writing in APA style.
  • Understand the ways in which the scientific method allows for systematic, empirical investigation into psychological constructs and human behavior.
  • Use and apply the principles underlying the ethical standards and governing bodies for research with human subjects by reviewing a hypothetical experiment proposal.
  • Identifying and analyzing the criteria that must be considered when designing an experiment for research with human subjects - both ethically and methodologically.