PSYC 382

Community Services for People with Developmental Disabilities

4 Undergraduate credits
Effective May 5, 2015 – Present

Graduation requirements this course fulfills

This independent study encourages students to review the spectrum of community services available to developmental disabilities citizens and their families. Students learn how to locate, use and evaluate a specific recreational, diagnostic, residential, educational and/or family support service.

Learning outcomes


  • Historical perspectives on the evaluation of this class of disorders will be presented.
  • Material regarding the research used to investigate services for developmental disabilities will be covered.
  • Student will apply knowledge to the development of community services for developmental disabilities.
  • The contemporary social issue of developmental disabilities will be learned.

Minnesota Transfer Curriculum

Goal 5: History and the Social and Behavioral Sciences

  • Employ the methods and data that historians and social and behavioral scientists use to investigate the human condition.
  • Examine social institutions and processes across a range of historical periods and cultures.
  • Use and critique alternative explanatory systems or theories.
  • Develop and communicate alternative explanations or solutions for contemporary social issues.