PSYC 580

Community Change Practicum

1-4 Undergraduate credits
Effective May 4, 2011 – Present

Graduation requirements this course fulfills

Community engagement strategies are forefront in efforts to prevent problems in living and promote healthy communities. Students in this course will improve their analytical and practical capacity to promote comprehensive approaches to community wellness that bridge excluded cultural communities into civic processes, organizations and systems. Students will engage in community-based projects at various levels of development.

Learning outcomes


  • Improve student understanding of the relationships between individual behaviors and the interaction between the individual and his or her community.
  • Students will apply the concepts of prevention, promotion and community change in addressing their community.
  • Students will understand the basic principles of community psychology, values, and moral development in society.
  • Students will understand the role of evolution and group behaviors as critical components of social development.
  • The development of social change addressing the needs of underrepresented groups in the community.
  • Understanding the relationship between the physical characteristics of communities (i.e., toxic environments, urban congestion) and engagement of positive (i.e., prosocial behaviors) and negative (i.e., ethnocentric ideology) behaviors.