PSYC 611

Advanced Lifespan Developmental Psychology

3 Graduate credits
Effective May 2, 2018 – Present

Graduation requirements this course fulfills

Lifespan developmental psychology reviews a variety of advanced concepts, theories and principles of human development from conception, prenatal development, and young adulthood through late adulthood. This course will emphasize the cognitive, physical and social aspects of development from a topical approach and review important contemporary as well as classic theories addressing lifespan development. Discussions will include a variety of contemporary topics of developmental psychology (i.e., Gender differences in behaviors, ADHD; Childhood obesity, styles of play and cultural parenting practices) from a variety of scholarly journal articles. Other key topics that will be addressed include research design in developmental psychology, maturation, cross-cultural topics relative to parenting and lifespan development, human growth experiences and the various stages of physical development as key components influencing human behaviors.

Special information

Prerequisite: Graduate Standing.

Learning outcomes

Summer 2020

Section Title Instructor
01 Advanced Lifespan Developmental Psychology Seiford, Linda C Books Course details