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PSYC 681 Cross-Cultural Psychology

Special information

Prerequisite: Graduate Standing.
4 Graduate credits

Effective August 20, 2011 to present

Learning outcomes


  • To acquaint students with the most important theoretical and research developments in cross-cultural psychology during the past thirty years.
  • To examine the concepts and processes necessary for cross-cultural research.
  • To help students understand and think critically about the various manifestations of prejudice in our society and help apply the psychological perspectives for reducing prejudice to our everyday life.
  • To help students understand behavioral differences in individuals among various cultural groups.
  • To help students understand their own cultural backgrounds and the dynamics of their cross-cultural experience, discovering cultural and psychological variations which are not present in their own cultural experience.
  • To illustrate the impact of cross-cultural studies on the development of psychology as a discipline.
  • To improve intercultural communication.
  • To integrate theory and lessons from research into a coherent schema to guide field research and interventions in intercultural situations.
  • To introduce cross-cultural theoretical frameworks.