SOWK 584

Multicultural Child Welfare Field Seminar

1-3 Undergraduate credits
Effective May 5, 2008 – Present

Graduation requirements this course fulfills

This course is designed to facilitate student learning through small student groups assigned to a special multicultural child welfare learning center. The Multicultural Field Seminar offers students the opportunities to explore and discuss the various facets of public child welfare, while integrating social work knowledge, theories and skills through a multicultural framework. This seminar discusses real clients, with real life changing needs. Students will be required to apply their cultural competency and critical thinking skills in processing client experiences at the micro, meso and macro levels. Students are further expected to develop learning contracts that guide their own development in the field practicum; work together on a group project; share knowledge and process experiences, and continually discuss their adjustment in the field practicum. Prerequisites: Senior status in the Social Work program

Special information

Prerequisites: Senior status in the Social Work program.

Learning outcomes


  • Articulate their knowledge in relation to human diversity and cultural competence.
  • Apply multicultural child welfare practice theories to generalist practice with client systems.
  • Apply practice evaluation principles to their own advanced generalist practice in the field.
  • Apply the problem solving process, including assessment, contracting, planning, intervention, termination and evaluation for individuals, families and groups.
  • Articulate their knowledge of their adjustment to the professional role.
  • Identify critical organizational, community and practice issues related to the provision of culturally competent child welfare practice.
  • Present case examples from their experience with client systems and use the feedback of their professor and peers to evaluate their practice.
  • Recognize the generalist social worker role in terms of professional ethics and behavior.