SOWK 592

Multicultural Child Welfare Senior Practicum

1-5 Undergraduate credits
Effective May 5, 2008 – Present

Graduation requirements this course fulfills

Senior social work majors who are admitted to the Multicultural Child Welfare Project are placed for their senior practicum at Ramsey County Community Human Services for an extensive child welfare experience. Students are involved in supervised social work practice in this setting for 20 hours weekly during the last semester of their senior year. Students will have the opportunity to practice social work in at least two of the following categories: individuals, families, groups, organizations or communities. The scope of the environmental experience is from family preservation and child protection to foster care and adoption. A master's-prepared social worker will supervise the students' practica. Students are expected to contribute their knowledge of social work practice with people of color, acquired through their junior year social work curriculum to enrich the agency or setting and its services. Prerequisites: Completion of all major requirements.

Special information

Prerequisites: Completion of all major requirements. Co-requisite: SOWK 584 Multicultural Child Welfare Field Seminar.

Learning outcomes


  • Apply comparative racial/ethnic analysis skills to the situations presented in the public sector.
  • Apply critical thinking and analysis skills to disaggregate the barriers to effective child welfare service delivery.
  • Apply generalist social work practice theories, principles, values and competencies in a child welfare system.
  • Articulate a clear understanding of cultural competence in child welfare service provision.
  • Demonstrate change agent behavior within a bureaucratic system.
  • Identify critical child welfare practice points that may have a negative disproportional impact on people of color.