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SPED 601 Applying Behavioral and Learning Principles in Urban Settings

This course is designed for special education professionals to build knowledge and skill in examining the characteristics and risk factors leading to chronic learning, behavioral, and mental health issues of diverse urban students with disabilities. Participants will learn mediating practices that support students with disabilities from an ecological perspective that examines, service integration, and individual social integration supports that promote lifelong social and academic learning. Students enrolled in this course fulfill requirements toward teacher certification in special education. Competence Statement: Participants in this course will develop content and skills well enough to meet Minnesota standards of effective teaching practice in the area of special education regarding knowledge and practice in federal and state law as well as pedagogy and professional responsibility in serving children and adolescents with disabilities.

Special information

Co-requisite: EDU 311.
3 Graduate credits

Effective May 7, 2019 to present

Learning outcomes


  • The nature of social, academic, and autonomic behavior; the intrinsic and extrinsic motivations that affect human behavior growth and change
  • Ethical and Professional Responsibilities in the teaching of students with behavioral disabilities
  • Influences. factors, and mental health issues affecting the behavior of children and adolescents in diverse and urban classrooms
  • A variety of classroom organization and management schemes to prevent problem behaviors among diverse urban students
  • Advanced culturally responsive strategies in promoting positive academic and social behaviors
  • Ecological approaches to behavior assessment and instruction in context of diverse urban schools and communities
  • Essential cultural and linguistic, and social characteristics of valid behavior rating scales
  • Collaboration and consultation perspectives in parent and caregiver involvement in diverse urban communities
  • Determine the differences --legal and professional --between behavioral disability and behavioral problems among culturally and linguistically diverse urban learners
  • Articulate factors that influence overrepresentation of culturally/linguistically diverse individual with behavioral disabilities

Spring 2024

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01 Applying Behavioral and Learning Principles in Urban Settings Bryant, Larry Curtis Books for SPED-601-01 Spring 2024 Course details for SPED-601-01 Spring 2024