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SPED 690 Graduate Practicum: Mild Disabilities

Supervised student teaching with students in urban special education elementary to high school (grades K to 12) individualized for post-baccalaureate special education teacher candidates required for Minnesota teacher licensure in Academic and Behavior Specialist. Periodic seminars with other student teachers and a standards-based electronic assessment review are also required for course completion.
3 Graduate credits

Effective May 7, 2019 to present

Learning outcomes


  • Demonstrate the ability to participate in planning, to implement and assess individualized instruction and learning of students with mild to moderate disabilities in special and general education settings.
  • Positively affect the learning and achievement of culturally and linguistically diverse urban students with disabilities.
  • Reflect upon their experience and describe their learning along with areas for growth as a beginning teacher in their new or additional field.

Fall 2024

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