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TCID 661 Tools for Learner Experience Design

This course is designed to enable graduate students in the Learner Experience Design program to effectively work with learner-appropriate eLearning tools. They will learn and use several tools to create a functional, interactive, online learning experience that meets intended learners¿ needs.

Special information

Prerequisites: Graduate student status OR instructor's permission.
2 Graduate credits

Effective May 4, 2021 to present

Learning outcomes


  • Choose appropriate eLearning tools for specified learning needs.
  • Apply learner-appropriate tools and technologies to create an effective online learning experience.
  • Choose and create appropriate media, such as animations, videos, and graphics, for specified learning needs.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of learner-centered design.
  • Evaluate effectiveness of learning solutions.

Fall 2022

Section Title Instructor
50 Tools for Learner Experience Design Staff, Staff Books Course details