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TCID 677 User Research

This course introduces students to designing, conducting, communicating, and evaluating user research. Students learn to form and investigate a research question, examine existing literature, use a wide array of methods, conduct effective user research, make design recommendations, and communicate research findings.

Special information

Prerequisite: Graduate status. Note: Formerly known as WRIT 677.18 Credit Credentialing Pathways
4 Graduate credits

Effective May 4, 2021 to present

Learning outcomes


  • Articulate the role of user research in communication design.
  • Communicate research findings to design team.
  • Appraise literature in user research.
  • Distinguish different types of research designs.
  • Examine the quality of research designs with regard to validity, variables, and data analysis.
  • Construct a solid research question with an excellent sense of measurability.
  • Choose effective user research methods.
  • Conduct a successful user research project.
  • Collect and analyze data effectively.
  • Make design recommendations based on research findings.

Spring 2023

Section Title Instructor
50 User Research Zhou, Quan Books Course details