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WKSP 001U GMAT Preparatory Course

The University Activities Board (UAB) typical offers a GMAT Preparatory Course in the spring semester with a PowerScore Instructor. It's a 16-hour long weekend course, typical 3-day course. The cost will depend on your status (student, staff, faculty, alumni, or community guest ranging from $200 - $350). The cost includes study material, course booklet, Official GMAT Guide, and Practice Test. The course will give you strategy lessons, practice exercises, and quality test preparation at a competitive rate.

Special information

Note: Contact University Activities Board for more information and to register: 651-793-1556 or Fee required. Students have first priority to register for this course. UAB serves the right to withdraw you from the course due to any unpaid balances.
Graduate credit

Effective August 21, 2010 to present