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WRIT 343 Writing Social Commentary

Beyond memoir and creative nonfiction lies the dangerous world of social and political commentary, a genre based on personal experience, intelligent surveillance of the political milieu and the skill of provocative writing. This class explores the process involved in the creation of the social-political essay and commentary.

Special information

Prerequisite: A 200- or 300-level writing course or instructor's consent.
4 Undergraduate credits

Effective August 23, 2003 to present

Meets graduation requirements for

Learning outcomes


  • Able to critique writing of others in a constructive manner at an advanced level.
  • Advanced understanding of how social commentaries differ from other forms of the essay.
  • Apply knowledge of social, political, and cultural issues to social commentary essays.
  • Gain confidence in essay writing skills to an advanced level.
  • Understand methods of studying and evaluating social, political, and cultural issues at an advanced level.