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Internship requirements - Communication Writing and the Arts

Internships in CWA are for students who are in the following majors/minors: studio arts, professional communication (including all minors in this area), intermedia arts, information studies, media literacy, music, reading, screenwriting, technical communication, theater, creative writing and professional writing.


40 hours at the internship site for each hour of college credits earned. A student may elect to register for an internship from 1–4 credits. A student may do more than one internship, but the maximum credit limit for each internship is 4 credits.

  •  Must include the following under ―"Evaluation" on the Internship Agreement Form
    • Write a BI-weekly log to the intern evaluator reporting what intern is learning
    • Submit a letter of recommendation from the supervisor to the faculty liaison

Suggested wording below:

"Obtains work product and process feedback from site supervisor weekly, meets with internship evaluator as needed, submits to intern evaluator biweekly an e-journal entry regarding what intern is learning, obtains and submits a final letter of reference from site supervisor evaluating overall intern performance of duties."

  • The supervisor and the intern will decide on any additional evaluation measures to successfully complete the internship.
  • The final grade will be submitted by the faculty liaison when all requirements are met. The grade option for the internship is S/N only.

Procedure for student seeking an academic internship

  • Complete the Academic Internship Agreement obtained online or in person from the Internship Office with your site supervisor. If you need any help in developing the Competencies, Learning Strategies, or the Evaluation, contact the CWA faculty liaison or the CWA Department. The Career Center also offers regular orientation sessions to explain how internships are handled and help complete the Internship Agreement Form.
  • Sign and date the Academic Internship Agreement.
  • Have the site supervisor sign and date the Academic Internship Agreement. Submit a resume of the site supervisor with the Internship Agreement. The supervisor must be qualified to supervise and this should be demonstrated in the resume and agree to complete a letter of reference at the end.  Please contact the CWA faculty liaison if this is an issue.
  • Submit the Academic Internship Agreement to the CWA faculty liaison (e-version provided as it provides a record for all to track). S/he will review the document and sign and date the agreement and forward it to the Internship Office.
  • The Internship Office will send you an approval EMAIL and a copy of the agreement, and stating your full registration for the internship.