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College of Liberal Arts

The College of Liberal Arts consists of programs in humanities, social sciences, communications, and the arts. These fields constitute the beating heart of a university education and of a society committed to socially equitable progress. Liberal Arts degrees prepare you for success and understanding in professional, social, and personal pursuits. The exceptional curricula and caring faculty bring fresh perspectives and expertise into the classroom on a wide variety of topics and socially relevant competencies.

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Why Liberal Arts?

Seeking the heart of a well-rounded university education? Searching for the kinds of transferable skills that can follow you into any career or life interest context? The College of Liberal Arts will help you deepen your understanding of the rich diversity of human social, cultural, and creative expression, providing insights that remain relevant whether you are crafting a quarterly report, refining the online experience for e-commerce consumers, or drafting a potential contender for best screenplay.


  • Discover a wide variety of majors and minors to help you address the educational questions you want to answer
  • Enroll in expertly-taught courses covering much of the material needed to fulfill your general education requirements
  • Work with resident and community faculty with a proven record of excellence in teaching, research, and professional contexts