Learning Strategy and Assessment Choices

Faculty-Directed Learning Options 

Learn more about the options available for faculty-directed learning.

Student-Directed Learning Options 

Information about learning options such as getting credit for prior learning, student designed independent studies and student-directed learning strategies.

Alternatives to classroom learning, and opportunities to get credit for what you know and learn through student-directed learning

While courses provide students with a familiar learning environment, Metropolitan State University also encourages students to seek a variety of learning strategies.  These options may be referred to as “creative learning strategies,” because students can create their own study plans in some options.

Talk to your advisor about learning options that match your goals, learning styles and backgrounds.

Students may choose from faculty-directed learning options, or student-directed learning options and ways to have your learning assessed for credit.

By choosing the best match of learning strategies students can benefit by:

  • Saving time and avoiding duplication of effort;
  • Saving money with reduced tuition rates for some options; and
  • Increasing learning success by matching learning preferences and skills with similar learning and assessment options.

Get help with student-directed learning (SDL) strategies by contacting your academic advisor or the SDL advisor.