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MBA Math is a self-paced, online quantitative skills course with 24 lessons covering basic quantitative skills in finance, accounting, economics, statistics and spreadsheets. MBA Math focuses on basics to make efficient use of your time. With the greater confidence that comes with a firmer quantitative foundation, you should be in a better position to take on the formidable challenges of the MBA quantitative core.

  • Focused: MBA Math is focused on the needs of students entering top MBA programs. It is adapted from years of active online teaching.
  • Efficient: With the goal to prepare you to start your first-year core MBA courses, this helps you get in shape by mastering basic concepts and skills in each MBA Math subject.
  • Convenient: MBA Math has no fixed class times or deadlines. You work at your own pace, according to your particular needs and make use of the teaching materials as you need. However, you must complete the course by the application deadline of the semester to which you have applied for admission.
  • Productive: The full course generally takes 20 to 40 hours to complete.

Applicants to the Metro State University MBA program can purchase a one-year subscription to MBA Math for $139, a discount off the current retail price of $149. During your one-year subscription, you are allowed to return to the material as often as you need—so it can be used for tutorials after admission to the MBA if you feel you need to review.

To apply, see Part Two application instructions found on the MBA Admissions page. There you will find the information you need to obtain the program-specific promo code offered by Metropolitan State University.

How does Metro State University know when I've reached minimum proficiency? To allow university graduate program administrators to track applicant progress, each applicant will need to provide permission after registering for MBA Math. Please refer to the Part Two application instructions found on the MBA Admissions page.

Still, have questions? Please send an email to, Attn: MBA Math.