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Transfer Pathways are paths to a four-year degree that start at community colleges in the Minnesota State system. Students first complete a fixed Transfer Pathway curriculum of lower-division courses at a nearby community college—then they seamlessly transfer to a corresponding bachelor’s program at Metropolitan State University to complete their degrees. Learn more about Transfer Pathways


Knowledge of accounting concepts and frameworks is a necessary part of the educational preparation for careers in business


Cultivate your creativity and develop marketable skills with a core curriculum of drawing, painting, and digitally-based art.


The study of life, from the simplest cells to the most complex ecosystems


From finance to marketing, move into one of eight bachelor’s programs with this Business Transfer Pathway


Learn to think creatively, analyze data, and understand human interaction with the material world from multiple perspectives.

Communication Arts and Literature Education

Designed to provide broad knowledge of literacy and communication.

Communication Studies

Learn to build and train teams, bridge information gaps, analyze information flow, resolve conflicts, and understand and work to improve organizational systems and cultures

Computer Science

Study systematic approaches for the design and development of application systems that support the functioning of core industries and services.

Criminal Justice

Understand justice processes from classic criminology to contemporary controversies in criminal law.

Early Childhood Education

Share your passion and empower yourself with the knowledge, skills, experiences, and poise you need to give urban students a high-quality education.


Essential for all careers in management and to becoming a well-informed citizen and participant in society

Elementary Education

A program to prepare diverse, reflective, and resilient teachers to teach urban youth.


Gain and share an appreciation of great works in this popular and useful major.


Develop skills such as reading comprehension, analysis, cross-cultural comparison and written argumentation that are useful in a range of careers and avocations

Law Enforcement

Develop the knowledge, perspective and skills necessary for successful law enforcement careers, with both academic and hands-on skills course work

Management Information Systems

Prepare for a career in high-demand IT occupations such as a business systems analyst, enterprise technology architect or application developer.


Offers students the quantitative and computational knowledge, and communication skills, essential for careers in industry and further study of applied mathematics.

Mathematics BA

Offers students the quantitative and computational knowledge, and communication skills, essential for careers in industry and further study of applied mathematics.

Political Science

Combines academic study of politics with real-world political experience to understand social justice, the rule of law, and institutional power.

Pre-Social Work

Prepares students for generalist social work practice with client systems of various sizes and types with special emphasis on Native Americans and communities of color


From community service to consulting, a degree in psychology helps prepare you for any number of careers


Learn fundamental skills in sociological analysis and research, including hands-on experience.


Gain an understanding and appreciation for acting, directing and playwriting