Gordon Parks Gallery

The Gordon Parks Gallery ascribes to a multi-faceted mission: to support the arts curriculum and cultural activities of Metropolitan State University and to preserve the legacy of the 20th century multimedia artist Gordon Parks. As an academic venue, the gallery is committed to providing educational opportunities for adult learners through internships, student exhibitions and related programming. As a civic venue, the gallery is dedicated to exposing Minnesotans to the life and work of Gordon Parks through youth and community outreach programs. Gordon Parks Gallery is dedicated to showing the work of various subjects, media, forms and content by diverse artists, including emerging and established artists of various ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

Current Exhibit

Due to COVID-19, the Gordon Parks Gallery will remain closed during fall semester. Normal programming should resume in January of 2021. Questions may be directed to Professor Erica Rasmussen at erica.rasmussen@metrostate.edu.

  • Hours
    • Monday–Thursday: 11 a.m.–7 p.m.