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Community engaged course designation FAQ

What is the Community Engagement Course Designation?

The CE Designation is an optional course designation. A course with the designation of “**Community Engagement” in the notes section of the class schedule signifies that the course integrates learning experiences where faculty, students, and community engage in mutually beneficial collaboration through interactions that address community identified opportunities, deepen students’ civic and academic learning, enhance community well-being, and enrich the scholarship of the university.  

What is the purpose of having the Community Engagement Course Designation?

The designation gives faculty an opportunity to spotlight the inclusion of community engaged learning pedagogies and allows students to easily identify courses that contain a community engagement experience. It also provides valuable data that advances the institution’s mission to be a civically engaged campus and creates a repository of course exemplars for peer-to-peer teaching and learning.

What kind of courses might submit for the Community Engagement Course Designation?

The designation can be applied to any credit-bearing, academic course that contains a community engaged learning component. There is a wide range of community engaged experience that might be incorporated in courses.  Examples of community engaged teaching.

Is the Community Engagement Course Designation used at the course level or class level?

For now, the designation is only used at the course level. If a course is marked with the community engagement note and contains more than one section, ALL sections will include the note. Consideration should be given as to whether the community engaged learning component is a permanent, regular feature of the course (regardless of who teaches the course), or if the community engaged component is a particular instructional strategy that a faculty member chooses to use in their teaching of the course. 

Who reviews the Community Engagement Course Designation submission forms?

Members of the Community Engagement Faculty Advisory Committee review submission forms. The committee is made up of one resident faculty representative from each college/school, one community faculty representative, and Community Engagement staff.

How often are the submissions reviewed?

Submissions are reviewed on a monthly basis during the academic calendar.

I am interested in building out a community engagement component in my course- what is the process?

If you are in the beginning process of adding a community engagement component in your course, the Institute for Community Engagement and Scholarship can provide consultation and support.