Center Staff

Julie Maxson, director

Science Education Center 338 

Julie has been teaching and learning about teaching and learning throughout her career, which has included work in private colleges, public universities, K-12 settings, and the Science Museum of Minnesota.    As faculty in the Department of Natural Sciences since 2007, she has designed and re-designed curriculum in Earth and Environmental Sciences, adapting and developing learning experiences for diverse, urban, adult learners. 

Julie’s interests in faculty development grew from efforts to broaden participation by women and under-represented groups in STEM fields, finding solutions especially by engaging students in Environmental Justice issues, and by turning a critical lens on the culture of STEM education.  

In the Center for Faculty Development, Julie coordinates programming for New Resident Faculty, the Fall Teaching Workshop and Spring Faculty Conference, as well as book groups, workshops, and other programs with an emphasis on course design, accessibility, equity and inclusion, and metacognition.  She also coordinates our “Sit Down and Write!” meetings.  

This year, you can find Julie:

  • Via email
  • In her faculty office, Science Education Center 338, x1456
  • Upstairs at the Dancing Goat during our “Sit Down and Write” events. (See the Center for Faculty Development Calendar for more information on these.)


Blong Vang, support staff