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Center Staff

Daryl Parks, director

St. John's Hall 308B, Saint Paul Campus

Daryl has lengthy experience in professional development and has taught across multiple disciplines including literature, linguistics, education, writing, film, and gender studies. His research and publications have centered on topics of identity in teaching and learning, especially on the influences of race and social class in classrooms and curriculum. Daryl is committed to community engagement, believing such relationships to be a critical part of Metropolitan State’s mission. He has served on numerous local boards, including Hmong American Partnership, Adoptive Families of America, and The LIFT CDC. He also works closely with local K-12 schools to encourage faculty growth and leadership teams.

In the Center for Faculty Development, Daryl collaborates with other stakeholders to establish opportunities for faculty growth in teaching, learning, scholarship, and service. He is passionate about improving opportunities and outcomes for our diverse students by supporting and coordinating the work of the Center. Starting college at age 25, Daryl is well-acquainted with the many strengths and challenges of returning adult students in urban contexts.

Mousumi Munmun, interim associate director

Library and Learning Center 218A, Saint Paul Campus

Mousumi Munmun arrives as the interim associate director for the Center for Faculty Development (CFD) with a history of preparation for the work. She is currently a senior community faculty member in the College of Business and Management, having taught a wide variety of courses in IT, business, and career readiness. This knowledge of the community faculty member experience informs her work in the Center for Faculty Development. 

Mousumi brings extensive experience with online instruction and curriculum improvement to the CFD. Her research and publications center on topics of online/hyflex pedagogy, teaching effectiveness, curriculum development, and machine learning. She has worked with Minnesota State Center for IT Excellence and Center for Online Learning at Metro State on innovative faculty resources and development.

Deb Hundt, office coordinator

Library and Learning Center 218A, Saint Paul Campus

Deb was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland and has lived in Spain and England. She brings 20 years’ experience in Interior Design and ten years of experience in federal contracting and Office Management. Deb is a creative and innovative thinker who uses my expertise in management and design to come up with ‘out of the box ’and unique solutions.

Deb provides executive support and office coordination of the Center for Faculty Development to ensure the effectiveness of operations and programs.